Kenya Tourist Federation Statement on 24 May regarding Tourism in Kenya

The KTF Chairman wishes to clarify as follows:

1. The measures were arrived at following TWO consultative meetings between H.E the President, The Governors from Tourism priority Counties, Tourism CS Kandie, Treasury officials, KTB management and KTF Board members.

2. The consultative meetings discussed and proposed a wide range of recovery measures, some of which were unfortunately not captured in the final announcement by H. E. the President. A number of reasons were given for this omission and a way forward identified.

3. Removal of VAT on tourism services and Conservation fees was the No. 1 request in the recovery proposals presented by the industry with an 18 month reprieve expected to be factored in to assist recovery efforts. While the meetings initially agreed on the need for the reprieve, the President at the final meeting explained the this was not possible IMMEDIATELY  as it required further consultations with Treasury and a Parliamentary process to approve. Negotiations will continue under the auspices of the Task Force. Read more


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