Ecotourism in Kenya safaris

Kenya safari holidays is aiming at attaining sustainable tourism through community-based ecotourism, working with the many local tribes to develop innovative ways to protect the environment and local culture as well as Kenya wildlife in their natural state.

Kenya is ahead of the ecotourism pack in other areas as well, planning to be Africa’s first country to develop and use international criteria to rate eco-lodges and tour operators. A leader in innovative eco-lodges, Kenya has won many international eco-lodge awards making Kenya’s destination as the preferred destination with minimal impact on environmental sustainability.

With its establishment of Ecotourism which  was founded in 1996 to promote ecotourism and sustainable tourism practices in Kenya, it has remain to be on a more competitive edge by attracting high number of tourists year round.

Founded with enormous industry support, the society was charged with the responsibility of providing the required support for the development of ecotourism and sustainable tourism in the country.

Today, the society continues to pursue the vision of making Kenya’s tourism sustainable, in terms of concern for the environment and the welfare of local populations by trying to balance the wildlife, people and the environment.

As a membership organization, Ecotourism Kenya brings together individuals, community based organizations (CBOs) and corporate organizations in a forum where they can discuss the concept of ecotourism and use this knowledge to improve practices in their respective fields.

Ecotourism Kenya has completed the ‘eco-ratings’ system, giving Kenya’s tourists an opportunity to choose a 3 star or a 4 star eco-lodge, based on internationally accepted criteria. These criteria also provide Kenya’s eco-lodges and tour operators the tools they need to compete in the global market as one of the world’s top ecotourism destinations. 

Sharon C

Kenya ecotourism




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