New report from Kenya Wildlife service(KWS)

A new report from Kenya Wildlife service’s wishes to inform all the stakeholders, agents, guests, tour operators on the new park fee on all Kenya National parks which took effect on January 2014.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) also would like to notify the public that Lake Nakuru National Park continues to be fully open, operational and accessible by road despite challenges of flooding in the recent rains.

The roads that were submerged were on the Northern and Western sections.  Currently, new roads have been done and accompanying drainage structures, including bridges and culverts have been constructed hence the circuit is complete and all-weather. Further, the standard airstrip continues to be operational.

KWS self-catering accommodation-Naishi guesthouse-as well as all tourist lodges in the Park (Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, Lake Nakuru Lodge and Flamingo Hill Camp) have not been affected by the rising lake water level. Makalia public campsite and special campsites including Nyuki, Nyati, Chui, Rhino, Reedbuck and Naishi as well as Baboon Cliff, Out of Africa and Lion Hill observation/picnic sites are all open and fully operational.   

Lake Nakuru National is renowned for its bird diversity, high species density and richness that have continued to attract large numbers of domestic and international tourists. However, recently the park has faced numerous challenges occasioned by flooding caused by rising lake water levels – which is an environmental concern.

We assure you of our commitment to further invest in the improvement of services and products to enhance Kenya’s global position as a tourism destination and look forward to receiving your clients to Lake Nakuru National Park and other KWS Parks and Reserves across the country as the festive season ends in Kenya safaris.

Sharon  C

Kenya safaris



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