Discover this amazing experience of Mount Kenya climbing on Kenya safaris

Mount .Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and is in the Kenya national park and second highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. Explore more on the various peaks as you continuing hiking up the mount starting. The first peak after hiking for your first stop over is the point Lenana with a heitht of 4985m .As the hiking continues with high altitudes increases the peak also becomes cooler and cooler as you reach the second peak is point Nelion 5188m. You will experience various vegetation zones as you continue hiking with various games view including elephants, rock hyrax among other game viewing. The highest peak is point Batian which has a height of 5199m, this is the final peak cover with glacial, mist and fog.

Mount Kenya is stratovolcano that forms glaciations. It is covered by an ice cap for thousands of years which are part of tourist’s attraction. This has resulted in very erosion of slopesand numerous valleys radiating from the Kenya National park is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites designated in the year 1997.

Far from being a just single peak Mount Kenya is in fact a massif consisting of a multitude of imposing spires, cliffs, complex ridges and peaks. These are the weathered remnants of a large extinct volcano that was active several million years ago. Mount Kenya straddles the equator but is sufficiently high to receive significant snowfall and to be circled with several glaciers. This factual information makes Kenya safari holiday as a unique experience.

Apart from the superb climbing potential on Mount Kenya, its tarns and alpine meadow, exotic, equatorial, high-altitude vegetation zones, various species of birds, rock hyrax and soaring eagles make the walk around the peaks one of the most beautiful expeditions in the Kenya safaris

 Mt Kenya National Park which is simply stunning to both locals and foreigners.It offers a more gentle approach to trekking/climbing than Kilimanjaro and differs in that there is a great deal more wildlife to be spotted. From a distance the volcanic peak dominates the surrounding slopes and valleys. Elephant, black Rhino, Cape Buffalos, Colobus monkey, antelope and Giant Forest Hog can be seen in the foothills of the 228 sq. mile national park.

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