Experiencing life in wilderness lodges on Kenya safaris.

Planning where to spend your holiday? Kenya wilderness lodges /camps offer you a unique experience in your safaris. Wilderness Lodges and camps represent authentic, uncompromising quality, historic locations and an ultimate experience in the wild. Depending on your request, various lodges and camps offer game drives and walking safaris which can be focused on specific interests such as photography, tracking game on foot, following specific species and watching animal behavior in their natural state. Talking of Laikipia wilderness camp is one of Kenyan’s best camps that offer you a real experience of life in the wilderness. The Camp boasts beautiful views of Mt. Kenya and offers an array of personalized activities for its guests. The area around the camp has a huge variety of wildlife including elephants, giraffe, hippo, wild dogs, and lions among other animals.

The beautiful settings are fantastic. The accommodation, food, wine, hospitality and service are faultless and recommended for ideal adventures that are looking for a true bush experience in the wilderness. It has a large spacious mess tent which acts as dining room and sitting room that give a unique experience of booking on Kenya wilderness safaris. Outside the tent is a viewing point with a huge fire where guests can gather at night for a dinner under the stars enjoying star gazing in the Kenya blue sky.

Kenya is the most established safari country though you have to step a little off the conventional route to find real wilderness safaris, but it’s certainly there.  Kenya also has much going for it as a family destination, and also a good number of very individual safari camps and lodges with a personal approach that makes your experience very special and memorable.  Kenya also has a particularly diverse ecology which ranges from snowy mountains to true desert, rolling grassy plains filled with wildlife, sparkling beaches and volcanic ranges, serene landscape  and great topography that  are tranquil giving you a true meaning of booking with Kenya holiday.

Traveling in East Africa is an optimal place to travel year around. However, when planning your safari here are some weather facts to put into considerations. There are two rainy seasons in East Africa. The short rains are from October, November to December and the long rains are considered to be from March to May but with or without rains will not stop your dream safaris to be realistic.

Sharon C

Kenya holiday




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