Kenya  as a destination is  known to be a among the top ten countries that attract high number of tourists both locally and internationally due to the availability of wildlife and natural resources in the country. However, the need for information and education about our wildlife and natural conservation is so important. The necessity to preserve our rich natural heritage cannot be pre-emphasized; it is paramount to the economic and environmental well-being of our great nation.

With magnificent attractions that range from coast beaches, wildlife, Avifauna, nature based attractions, luxury accommodations and local cultures are what drive tourists to choose Kenya safaris the best destination to visit. With these attractions therefore choosing Kenya safaris is an ultimate assurance of spending your plan budget nicely.

Though the socio-economic benefit of tourism to Kenya outweighs the negative effects .In order to stay competitive, the tourist industry in Kenya needs to enhance in the following areas.

Political stability is essential for a healthy tourism. Prevailing peace in the country and in the neighborhoods will give a competitive eye to foreigners and thus makes them travel with no fear.

Keeping tourist facilities up to the international standard is of great vital. This is done by improving hotels and lodges up to standard, access of roads leading to national parks and reserves, security, roads and train links, good communication and health care services.

We must take effective measures to conserve our resources and environment. These measures include the control of poaching of wildlife and marine life by ensuring that we maintain their natural habitat. In this way animal life will increase in number without any disturbance.

Developing cultural centers in rural areas where tourists will meet rural people to learn their cultures in a more strategic manner. In this way these will stop the exploitation of both locals and tourists in a specific destination.

To spread tourists more widely we need to develop areas of Kenya which are tourism potential sites. This is done by allocating researchers to identify these potential sites.

Increasing the level of training manpower will also boost tourism attraction in Kenya. Such training will give them professional skills in wildlife and environmental conservation and management of catering and recreational facilities thus helps in improving delivery services of the guest.


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