Discover more on Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya Safari holidays

Lake Nakuru national park is a land of idyllic landscape and scenery and cover  a approximately 188kilometre square. It is located in the central of Kenya, Rift valley province, Nakuru district and is about 140km North West of Nairobi. The lake is an alkaline that attracts algae for the lesser and greater flamingos.

The greater flamingos are characterized by a red bill with black tip and a deep pink plumage is less commonly seen than the lesser flamingo, which is slightly smaller and has a pink bill and a white plumage.Image The greater feeds on shrimps and small fishes in the lake while the lesser feeds on blue – green alga which grows only in alkaline water. This is the park that guarantees you both the black rhinos and white rhinos with other magnificent wildlife.

The park is world known for its Millions of flamingos and other bird species with animals’ game viewing. The bird watcher’s paradise is what attracts lot of tourists to visit this park hence boosting Kenya safari tours. However, White pelicans can be seen at the southern end of the lake where they feed on tilapia fish, an alkaline-tolerant fish which were introduced into the lake to fight against mosquitoes and increase the population of pelicans.

The Park also contains Kenya’s largest population of rhinos. ImageThe surface of the lake occupies about a third of the park. The lake is fringed by alkaline swamps with areas of sedge, along the river inflows and springs. The surrounding areas support a dry transitional savanna with Lake Margin grasslands.

However, the number of Flamingos has been decreasing recently, perhaps due to too mass tourism, pollution resulting from industries waterworks nearby who dump waste into the waters or simply because of changes in water quality which makes the lake temporarily inhospitable

Traveling around the park is the hyrax hill prehistorically sites, the national Monument where you learn more facts on information on the existence of the various attraction sites in the area. In addition, is the Menegai crater known to be one of the largest calderas of the world and the largest in Kenya.


Sharon Sheery

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