Witness these greate cultures of the Maasai people in Kenya holidays

Kenya is well known to be inhabited by the Maasai people with typical cultures. These Maasai people express their cultures through various ceremonies and rituals. Among these ceremonies includes circumcision of  both  boys and girls, marriages, warrior shaving ceremony where the best shaver can be identify among the chosen group, meat eating ceremony where guys compete eating in different styles in the bush. Other ceremonies include milk-drinking ceremony among others. All these ceremonies signify a different meaning in the Maasai people.

Traditionally, boys and girls must undergo through these initiations for minors prior to circumcision. However, many of these initiations concern men while women’s initiations focus on circumcision and marriage and men form age-sets moving them closer to adulthood.

In addition to the Masai People, they  have a reputation of being fierce warriors by the society at large.Image . Warrior hood prepares the young males to be not only responsible for themselves but for their community as well. This is because they are known for their bravery and courage. Typically Masai warriors are never seen without their sharply honed spears during the entire life time. Their main responsibility is to protect the homestead, maintain water sources for the community, and protect the livestock from wild animals and theft. It is true that when they surrounded a marauding lion, they crossed on it and speared it to death without any fear. This is the reason why the lions fear guys with red shuka.

Masai women are in charge of taking care of the entire home like  milking cows, fetching water and firewood, bearing children as many as they can because  children are considered bringing wealth, preparing food for the entire family, repairing their homes, milking the cows and tending their small children. Children are taught to respect their elders, and they quickly learn the ways of Masai family life as they grow. Young girls are taught to care for domestic duties and boys are instructed in the care and protection of livestock from attack by wild animals.

ImageMoreover, their nomadic way of life led to no attachments to possessions, and togetherness banded by the age sets of those who underwent circumcision ritual together. Likewise, a Masai woman belongs to the entire age-set and sexual jealousy does not exist with these people as they are abiding with these norms traditions.

However, women do not have their own age-set but are recognized by that of their husbands.  Ceremonies are an expression of Maasai culture and every ceremony is a new beginning of life. They are rites of passage, and every Maasai child is eager to go through these vital stages of life. These cultures are of great values to Kenya and attract tourists from both locally and international tourists and thus Kenya safaris remain to be of more vital as far as wildlife and cultures are concern.

Sharon Sheery

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