Discover more about Hippos in Kenya safaris

The word hippopotamus means river horse, often shorten as hippo. The name was given because hippo spend most their time in water. Hippos are mostly found in Africa Maasai Mara being the best park to witness these exciting hippos and other west countries like Zanzibar, River Nile from Sudan to the north of Tanzania, and down the Rift Valley to Mozambique.Image It was recently eradicated in Egypt .They are grazer’s animals which spend the entire night grazing and later return into water during the day to avoid sunburns. Resting in water helps keep hippopotamuses temperature to cool down .they lived for around 45years in the wild and form a group call bloat or pod and give birth inside the river or water despite of dangers like crocodiles which might eat their calves.

The hippopotamus are generally considered the third largest land mammal (after the White rhinoceros and elephant).A male hippo is call a bull and a female hippo is call a cow. Hippos are known to be very aggressive animal especially if they are threatened. Hippopotamuses have short legs, a huge mouth and a body shaped like a barrel and gives birth to only one calf.

According to researchers hippos  are threatened by habitat loss and poachers who hunt them for their meat and teeth as this has remain a great challenge in Kenya as the government is trying all means to curb the decline of these hippos by enacting of  news laws to reduce these menace. However, they are regarded as one of the most dangerous land animals in Africa. They follow one same route when going in and out of the river forming hippo trails.

Hippos are known to be hornless but have ivory tusks similar to those of the elephant and warthog. The canines of both jaws and the incisors of the lower jaw grow continuously. ImageThey are popular in the ivory trade as, unlike elephant ivory, hippo ivory does not change color with age. The lower incisors grow forward horizontally while the lower canines grow vertically upwards in a half circle. The upper canines grow vertically downwards and are rudimentary compared to the lower canines. The largest trophy is not necessarily found in the oldest hippo as tusks are inclined to wear after reaching 20 years because of fighting each other and ivory are mostly use during defense mechanism.

In Kenya, hippos are being considered among the big five animals and thus have branded Kenya safaris as the best destination to travel. Hippos have a rather distinct method for marking their territory. As they are spinning around in the water they will lift up the tail. Then they will defecate or urinate backwards to cover the biggest area that they can. This is why many villagers that live in areas around Hippos won’t drink the water there due to the chances of becoming sick.

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