Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya.

On my recent visit to Lake Nakuru national park, we were rewarded, beside the absence of many flamingoes to see a great many other birds and mammals, especially the Rhinos. we had great photography opportunity.Image

Undoubtedly, this park is a must visit destination for birders. Flocks of both lesser and greater flamingoes sometimes numbering 1.5 million can be seen here together with almost 450 other species. The park was gazetted as the first bird sanctuary in Africa in 1960. A species of fish oreochromis alcalicus platensis was introduced at that time to curb mosquitoes, but in turn supported a number of secondary consumers mostly birds.  This lake is a transient home to a large number of Palearctic waders who use it on passage or winter.Image

The lake is not only for birders, because it is a national park, there are other larger animals including the Black and the white Rhinoceros, Rothschild giraffe, water bucks, leopard, lion, buffalo etc. This park therefore will serve all purpose for both birds and big game. There is no better place in Kenya to watch white Rhinos.


Kenya wildlife safaris.

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