Leopards are known to have powerful jaws and inhabit part of Africa and Asia, and a variety of regions, such as tropical forests, brush and scrublands, rocky hillsides and even the high, cold slopes of the Himalayas. Its among the Kenya big cats that not only make Kenya to be a competitive edge but makes a country with big five!

Powerful and agile, the leopard is an efficient hunter. It stalks its prey, creeps to within a few meters, then leaps or dashes at the victim, which is dispatched by a bite in the back of the neck or smothered by a throat bite.

Males are usually larger than females. The weight range for males is 37 to 90 kg and for females it is 28 to 60 kg

These species are threatened by over-hunting for the fur trade by most communities like the Maasai. Its stealth and secretive ways have made it a prize for the trophy-hunter. Although hunting restrictions recognize the need to protect the animal, demand and high prices have encouraged poaching and trade in illegal skins, and human settlements have destroyed much of their ecosystem making them to scare away from human settlements.

However, leopards are very beautifully animals that attract many tourists in Kenya. Its among the Kenya big five which has boost Kenya as the best destination that offer Kenya safari holidays to both local and international tourists.

Paul Kirui

Kenya safaris holiday

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