The masai is one of the ethnic group in Kenya but occupies some places in Tanzania as well. They are pastoralist community that live migrating from one place to another in search for green pastures for their livestock. This is the only tribe in the whole country “KENYA” that has maintained their culture so tight. They still live in the long lived house of the 19th centuries called manyatta.Image The masai people are very friendly and welcoming with many nowadays receiving the education. The boys are circumcised at the age of 17 and above, the age that can battle with the lion. The circumcision happens annually with which the boys live in the wilderness for a couple of weeks before returning back home to their people. Each age set has to kill a lion for them to be recognized as a complete men. The first masai boy to spear a lion is to be the elder of that specific age set and the future chief of the entire community.

Paul Kirui.

Kenya wildlife safaris

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